What I did this summer…August 1- 6!!!

August 26, 2011

I MOVED (…again), from the ever so lovely basement of my brother and sister-in-law to a fantastic apartment in Akron with Alex. I spent three days moving all of my things from the basement to the apartment. On Wednesday my brother and I moved some furniture from Kent (in the rain) down to Akron. It didn’t take too long for Alex and I to make our new apartment into a home. While we were unpacking a little visitor popped up on our porch….meet Kevin. Kevin is a girl. We thought she was a he at first, thus Kevin, but either way the name was inspired by the movie Up.

Yes I know I seem to move a lot. But I promise you I am not running from anything… Still state #5 and now address #9.

We live on the first floor and we get to enjoy the nice big porch too!

Kevin adopted us and the bowl...well we thing the people who lived here before us left it out for her.


She is a great guard kitty! She chases away the other stray cats.


She really is pretty darn cute.....but....


..her favorite spot is spying on us through our window!


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