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1.  The last thing I do before going to sleep is lately I have been trying to pack a few things before I sleep, it makes me feel more accomplished.  But the very last thing I do before unconscious time is arrange my pillows to form the pillow cocoon.

2.  When I can’t sleep I drink a glass of water, go to the bathroom, and try again. Although to be fair, I rarely can’t sleep.

3.  The first thing I do when I wake up is hit the snooze button a few times then drag myself to the bathroom to get ready.

4.  When I’m tired I can get very talkative or very reclusive, it really depends on the situation. I also tend to want to severely damage people when they get in my face.

5.  My dream bedroom would be something calm and minimal. It needs to be a space for relaxation, sleep and other bedroom related activities. No desk, no tv, no books, nothing but a clean space to sleep and unwind from the day. Here are a couple of rooms I can only dream about (for the moment). I think the only given for me is not a lot of color and a platform bed!

Who doesn't love a black wall?

Love this too! But I'm not a fan of the windows


The light fixture in this room is fantastic and who doesn’t love a high ceiling!

6.  If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning it would be not tomorrow morning, but tomorrow afternoon and it would be in one of the above pictured bedrooms!

7.  The longest sleep I’ve ever had was after a particularly stressful semester at school and I ended up getting sick. I slept for 18 hours, then 16 the following night, then 12 for the next 3. I loved all the sleep but I ended up having to be tested for mono, it turned out that I was just REALLY tired!

8.  I sleep on my left side with in the glorious pillow cocoon (currently 6 pillows since one was contaminated in Ohio.

9.  When I sleep, I like to wear t-shirt and comfortable pants .

10.  My bedtime is usually    10pm, I prefer 9pm so I can get 9 hours of sleep but I always end up going to bed at 10pm .


Sports Ranting! Buddakan

July 29, 2010

Check out this article from!

Fan in LeBron’s Heat jersey draws ire

Associated Press

CLEVELAND — A fan wearing a Miami Heat jersey of LeBron James drew the ire of the crowd at a Cleveland Indians game and was escorted out of the ballpark.

Fans in the left-field bleachers chanted obscenities and pointed at the man Wednesday night during the sixth inning of the game between the Indians and New York Yankees. Hundreds of fans joined in before security led the man out of Progressive Field.

As he left, some fans followed him toward the gate with more derisive chants.

James’ recent departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Heat caused a lot of anger in the city.

Many fans were near the left-field foul pole in hopes of catching the 600th home run ball by Alex Rodriguez.
Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press

First off, I agree 110% that the “expletive” chanting was a good idea! One needs to identify these people right away; they need to be reminded when they violate rule #1 that it’s going to be pointed out and punished accordingly. Technically, the guy didn’t do anything wrong. Wearing the jersey is his right as an American and the “ass-hole chant” a perfect example of the fans free speech. I’m glad the article supported the Cleveland fans and that the “man” who was wearing said jersey was promptly removed from the stadium. Good for your Cleveland!

Now my complaint, why is it that every time someone in Philly wears an inappropriate jersey, gets yelled at, etc. etc. etc. it’s the Philly fans who are the brutes and the inappropriately garbed individual the victim? We are fans too! We have very, VERY strong attachments to our teams and our players. We invest a lot of time, money, and energy for them and when we aren’t happy with them or someone who is intentionally taunting us (with regards to traitors or rivals) I feel we have every right as fans to express our displeasure. Apparently the media does not agree! Every time a Philly fan does something stupid or over-the-top it falls back on all of us. “Philly fans are a bunch of dirty so-and-so’s who are the scum of the earth and no one in their right mind should go to a game let alone bring their children there!” And that is the tone of most news articles about Philadelphia fans.

Cleveland fans were supported by the media, they were SYMPATHIZED by the media, and maybe once in a while the passionate fans of Philadelphia can get some support too! Stop throwing the entire fan base of Philly under the bus every other week!  -End Rant-

Buddakan! 4th and Chestnut!

On another note! Tuesday night was Buddakan, and by far my favorite STARR restaurant yet! (Although I will be at El Vez next week for lunch, so we will see if Buddakan keeps the #1 spot on my list.) I couldn’t help but to compare everything at Buddakan with Chifa, despite the obvious differences in cuisine and style of restaurant. Chifa is a tapas style restaurant and Buddakan is a family style restaurant, but both serve modern, fusion style food. Both share the dishes for the table, Chifa’s small plates allow you to try a taste of a larger variety of food while Buddakan’s larger dishes (each course was a typical appetizer/entrée size) give you the opportunity to enjoy more than just a small taste while still having a variety of dishes to try. The décor of Chifa pales in comparison to the spectacular gold Buddha on a red field that is the center piece of Buddakan. As with all STARR restaurants the service at Buddakan was fantastic and truly made our dining experience enjoyable.

Decor is 2nd to none!


On to the food!

Katie and Aaron enjoy drinks before the food!


Chicken and Ginger Dumplings with Sesame dipping sauce

Edamame Ravioli, Truffled sauternes shallot broth. These were AMAZING, I could eat plate after plate of these!

Peking Duck Buns, Pickled Vegetable, hoidin, grilled scallion

Lobster Friend Rice, Saffron, Thai Basil (Aaron cannot resist Lobster!)

Asian Barbecue Pork, Grilled Tenderloin, Chinese Broccoli (super tender!)

...served with a side of GIANT panko onion rings!

Peking Style Chicken, crispy garlic, soy-chili eggplant. (pretty good but a little on the dry side for me)

Milk Chocolate Caramel Tart, caramel ganache, milk chocolate mousse, jasmine vanilla ice cream, caramelized bananas. (this was an after thought addition to our dessert order and it was fantastic!)

"Dip Sum" Doughnuts, Five spice sugar doughnuts with blackberry jam, chocolate sauce, and gingered cream cheese. I loved these with the jam, i could have consumed the entire box!

THE CHOCOLATE BENTO BOX! just wow (from the top left, counter clockwise) Chocolate pagoda, chocolate almonds, cashew candy bar, warm chocolate baby cake, white chocolate passion panna cotta, and the banana tower. There is no word in english for this experience!


Next week, El Vez!

St. Tikhon’s Summer Camp! What can I say that has not already been said? Every year we build new memories to add to the years of memories past. No two years are ever the same but it feels like nothing changes. For me, camp has its rewards mixed in with its drawbacks. While the rewards are obvious to everyone, but not everyone knows that I don’t take a vacation (at all) so I can take a week off from work to co-direct the camp. That is the only drawback, other than the toll a weeks worth of dehydration does to me physically. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Check out some of my favorite pictures of St. Tikhon’s Summer Camp 2010!

Pre-Camp FIESTA!

My amazing cooking class making Monkey Bread!

Cooking class, finished up the Monkey Bread, it was SO good. I almost forgot to serve it! 😉

Cooking Class on Wednesday! It was Greek Day! My Aunt came in and taught the kids to make Baklava. so good...

WORLD CUP! Yes we let the kids watch the games. They pretty much do what they want.

We took a tour of the Monastery Icon Museum one afternoon, we needed quality air conditioning time!

Our Camp "Wall". Kids (and counselors) were able to post status updates through out the week. This was a great idea.

Tea Time with Tatiana! Yum Yum Yum!

Counselor Jam Session.

Jam Session cont.

Liturgy Saturday Morning.

Theotokos, St. Tikhon's Monastery Church

Just a couple of my favorite people!

Room F Girls and their Lady Gaga Pose!

Remember, Room F is always watching you!