Long Friday

April 30, 2010

Today did not start so wonderful, I spent 2 hours stuck on the Ben Franklin Bridge on my way to work this morning. Then the train broke down at the 8th and Market station and I had to foot it the 20 min walk up to the office. Any other day walking up from 8th and Market would not be a big deal. But I was already about 2 hour late for work and another 20 min (instead of the 3 minute subway ride)…well I was not really in the mood for it. But brilliantly there was a camera crew RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the NARROW concourse to get out of the station, and throngs of people had to work their way around them so that makes up for it (*sarcasm*). And they had these smug little smiles on too…

This is the train I was on when we got stuck, I'm on the otherside (closer to the road) in the car next to the tower.

Today is also Friday so here are a set of blanks from thelittlethingswedo!


1.  My absolute favorite movie of all time is Stargate! As if I would say something else! Anything that combines Egyptology and sci-fi is a winner in my book!

2.  My favorite movie as a child was Goonies! Who didn’t want to find an amazing treasure map and go off and find a pirate ship!?!? I know I did. And The Addams Family. This may have caused my “black phase” which my mom thinks I will grow out of any day now.

3.  The best movie quote ever is “Give my regards to King Tut asshole!” Jack O’Neill, Stargate, right before he transported a nuke on to the mothership! Take that RA!

4.  My favorite actress is Anjelica Huston! I just love her characters and her sense of style!

5.  The movie I could watch over and over is Amélie I love this movie! There are so many little moments through out the film that I just love, especially the garden gnome.

6.  My favorite movie genre is Sci-fi of course! There is no limit to what you can do in sci-fi.

7.  A movie I’d like to watch this weekend is Hot Fuzz, It’s for the greater good…the greater good.


I’m not going to bother to write a brief review of Grave Injustice, like I did for The Reindeer People. NAGPRA is a very controversial subject across the board and I do not want to “immortalize” my opinions on this public blog. I will say only this; it was an interesting point-of-view from someone who experienced the repatriation process several years ago. I would not recommend this book to the readers of this blog, and I only feel this way because you have to have quite a bit of prior knowledge about the repatriation movement in North America, Archaeological practices since colonialism, and an understanding of Native American religious practices.


I have now moved on to The Elementary Forms of Religious Life by Emile Durkheim. I’m just starting the introduction today. I’m looking forward to it!


In addition to finishing up my read of Grave Injustice, I also reread The Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters. I am also currently reading Mort by Terry Pratchet and The Last Camel Died at Noon by Elizabeth Peters (another reread).



I packed up a bag of books I have already read to send out to Ohio in May. During this cleaning out process I found several other books I have not yet read! (I think they are breeding!) I’m looking forward to get in as many of them as I can before school starts; Lord knows I will not have any time once I’m in classes. I also picked up the latest Elizabeth Peters book which I plan on reading over a weekend in May when I am out of town. Her books are always a fun, quick read. I’m definitely looking forward to that one!

Last night was Chifa! Amazing. Pictures coming soon!!

(this is my 100th post!)

Camp update!

April 27, 2010

Wow! Time sure flies! On Friday I received the first packet of applications from Mat. Dorothy for camp registration! There are already 9 TEENS as of 4/20/2010. We are going to cap very, very fast, so my dears, if you are reading this, get your paper work in A.S.A.P.! If you are waiting for you physical and that is what is holding up your application, you can send in the other pages with your photos and payment and send the physical form in once it is completed. Just post a note to the forms telling us that is what you are doing; we quite understand when it comes to scheduling these things. I sent several people little facebook messages saying that I received your packet; I look forward to sending many more little messages! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

I think one of the more exciting parts of this packet of forms is the fresh blood, er,  I mean the new people we have coming! It’s wonderful to spread the word and have new people come up and experience St. Tikhon’s Camp for the first time!

By the way, if you are waiting for an e-mail, letter, or phone call from me please be patient! I have been super busy and have not had much of a chance to reply to anything in a timely fashion, but I will! Speaking of which, there are all sorts of amazing foodie adventures coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Oh it’s Friday and once again I am playing along with the Friday Fill in the Blanks at thelittlethingswedo.



1.  One song that always takes me back to my youth is Down on the Corner by CCR, and still enjoying the CD I “borrowed” from my dad YEARS ago.

2.  My first professional (<edit tjb) concert ever was actually an opera at the Forum in Binghamton, NY with my high school opera buddies (I miss them!). We saw Mozarts Don Giovanni, which is my favorite opera to this day! I’m pretty sure this predates the various “musicals” we saw there, but one never really knows.

3.  If I could create my dream music festival I’d want these bands to be there: Just DMB, with Tim Reynolds of course.

4.  The best make-out/”boot knocking” song ever is I don’t really know to be honest.

5.  The best concert I’ve ever been to was other than MY concerts?!?! 😉 just kidding. Of course it would have been the DMB concert at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ. I had the best seats ever (6th row), they played “That song that Jane likes” and LeRoy Moore was there. I miss him 😦 .

6.  A memorable musical moment for me was my second senior recital.  (I’ll have a bit of a selfish moment here) The music Tim and I performed was fun, modern, different, and since it wasn’t my “your degree is based on this recital” recital there was absolutely no pressure whatsoever! My pieces were all 20th century and all but one was French avant garde. Each inspired me as a performer in a special way and each reflected part of my personality, making it a very personal performance. I loved preparing for this recital as well as performing it. Tim and I worked great together and it was definitely one of the best musical moments of my life. This is one of the very few things I miss about my short but sweet musical career but to be honest, I’m glad to be moving on with life .

7.  The song on my iPod that’s getting the most play these days is I am currently listening to a lot of Bach, Buddha Bar, and Afro-Cuban Drumming.

It’s Official!

April 22, 2010

Chocolate and Sea Salt together in glorious deliciousness is (one of) my favorite flavors of all time! Believe me, I have enjoyed this combination for some time now, but all of a sudden my taste buds CRAVE it! They jump for joy just reading about it! Upon taking a little break this afternoon and eating Vosges Barcelona Mini-Bar I thought I could die and be satisfied with my life.

Deep Milk Chocolate with Hickory Smoked Almonds and Sea Salt

I have yet to decide the level of pathetic this is, but if this is all it takes for me to achieve inner peace and reach a *ahem* higher plane of existence (wink wink Stargate reference!) then I will do what I have to do!