Talk About Underwhelmed

February 26, 2010

This morning I fully intended on going into work at my normal time and do my thing. While picking out my casual “there-is-6-inches-of-snow-outside-you-can-bite-me-I-am-wearing-jeans” clothing for work my coworker calls me and asks if I am going in. In true Tat form I exclaimed “of course! Why wouldn’t I?” Apparently no one else in my office, but one of my bosses, was going in and she was going to close the office for the day.

Needless to say, I had not yet looked outside and assumed the worst (immediately regretting not doing so earlier so I could have slept in). While on the phone I trotted downstairs, learned my cousin’s school was closed and my aunt was on a 3 hour delay with an option to stay home! I looked outside feeling concerned and realized that the snow outside was a joke and Philadelphia had once again overreacted to a little winter weather.  

This is what Philadelphia looks like in winter.

It seems after 4 FEET of snow the fine people of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas haven’t learned that 6 inches of snow doesn’t mean you have to cloister yourself in your home and shut down the City.

This is what Philadelphians think Philadelphia is like when it snows a little.

It was still snowing moderately and, to be completely honest, I didn’t know what Center City would be like so I opted to take the wait and see approach. Around 10am I had finished breakfast, read a magazine, and watched Sportscenter and I was bored.

My coworker called again, she wanted to know if I was going to go in now since the sun was coming out. YES! I’m going in! I told her. Enough with this wasting vacation time!

Fill In The Blank Friday! thelittlethingswedo

1.  When I’m nervous I talk really fast and become annoyed very easily.

2.  My favorite item in my closet is my Salvatore Farragamo shoes my Uncle bought me for my college auditions.

3.   Enjoying fine tea and watching TV on DVD is my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.

4.  My favorite childhood memory is going to St. Tikhon’s for Memorial Day with my brother and cousins.  We would run around the grounds all day (between church, grave blessings, the gardens and the well) and eat as many pierogies as we could!

5.  Something you may not know about me is when I am alone at night I feel safer in Center City Philadelphia than I do in the country side anywhere.

6.  A true friend knows how I take my coffee and my tea.

7.  Something I hope people think of when they think of me is that I am someone who is intelligent, hardworking, and competent.


Wow, who would have thought today would be a productive camp day. Granted, I never really know when these bouts of inspiration will hit or when I will be overflowing with motivation! But today was one of those days.

Russian Tea = a good time by all! (ME)

My first major task of the day was to send out e-mails to make sure everything is going to be ready to go for the first camp mailing. Yes, it’s that time already! March 5th and 6th Kim, Nick and I will be mailing out camp application packets to all past campers and counselors and to all the parishes in the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania.  Keep an eye on the mail on Wednesday March 10th; they should be arriving to most of you by then!  

The second thing I worked on was a rough outline of the teen schedule for this year. It probably won’t change much from last year but I like to have it blocked out so when we start booking speakers we can adjust the schedule to fit their needs.

Nick being Nick

Kim wants to know "What do you want to learn?"

I also took a little time today to work on ideas for the cooking class! Or baking class since I would rather bake than cook anyway. This year each day is going to be a different ethnicity and we will make two or three things from that culture. So far I have American, Serbian, Greek and Russian, I haven’t decided on the 5th day. I have a feeling it will just be another American day or a Bread day…

Cooking Class FOOD!

The Holy Crap News of the Day:

Eagles to cut ties with Westbrook news services

The Philadelphia Eagles announced Tuesday they will release running back Brian Westbrook.

A news conference is scheduled for 3 p.m. ET Tuesday to announce the move.

“Brian is one of the greatest Eagles of all time and he is an even a better person and leader,” coach Andy Reid said. “In my mind, there has not been a more versatile running back that the NFL has seen. I had a conversation with Brian this morning to let him know. This is by far the most difficult part of this job. We wanted to make this move in order to maximize Brian’s chances of landing with another NFL team.”

Westbrook, who has been with the Eagles since 2002, is the franchise’s all-time leader in yards (9,785) after being selected in the third round from Villanova.

“Brian Westbrook is one of the most electric players in the history of this franchise and is certainly also one of the most popular,” Eagles chairman Jeffrey Lurie said in a statement. “He was personally one of my favorite players to watch each and every Sunday and his playmaking abilities, leadership and values will be missed.”

Said team president Joe Banner: “We all know how valuable Brian was as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and he will certainly go down as one of the greatest Eagles of all time. But what really showed me how special a person Brian is, was watching the way he interacted with my children. That said more to me about Brian than anything else he could have done on the playing field. We will miss him both as a person and as a player.”

Don’t do drugs!!! Yes I’m sure we have all heard that line over and over through out our school days, from our parents, and even television commercials, but (like most lessons) it doesn’t really sink in until you witness the results first hand. I only wish a group of school children were in the lab to witness this valuable lesson…but first the set up.

This past Saturday the archaeology lab at the Independence Living History Center was open for volunteers to come in and work, but not to the public. A trio of volunteers (myself included) spent the day finishing the labeling for an old feature and washing for a new one. As picturesque as this scene may sound the lab was a sweltering 89 F. Our supervising Archaeologist decided to open the front sliding doors so we could get a breeze through the lab and felt that he would rather deal with the a wave of tourists than the heat of the lab.



Well instead of a flock of tourists we met a rather talkative homeless man. He first came in and walked around the roped off visitors area looking closely at each artifact on display taking particular interest in the collection of clay pipes (much to our amusement), then he walked outside peering into the open windows at the lab area.

I made a horrible mess with the ink this week. I spilled it twice, got it all over my hands and the exterior of the bottle...and of course it was the black ink.

Eventually he leans into the window closest to our supervising Archaeologist and starts telling him the pottery he is mending was his mothers. She lived on 8th and Market many years ago and the cup in the archaeologists hand was hers; in fact the entire set was there, in pieces, all over the table. There was a piece to the cup in the fourth pile from the left! He could see it, from 10 feet away! He also kindly asked if we found any of his mother’s jewelry, it was with the china. It’s worth about $11 trillion and to set it off to the side if we find it.

The man goes on to tell us how he grew up in Arizona, or New Mexico, or somewhere in the southwest (he didn’t seem too sure of where) and how he used to drink delicious milkshakes all the time. Why milk shakes you ask!? Well, they were special milk shakes and upon giving us the recipe he told us the special ingredient. Peyote.  Peyote milkshakes were apparently quite common in his youth. He goes on to tell us after moving to Philadelphia he took LSD and while on LSD he could see people’s religions. He could see their sins. While on LSD is the only time you could see the truth, the real things! His parting words to us were to watch the movie The Ten Commandments on LSD, it would change our lives. After he left the building, our little group of volunteers could barely utter a sentence with out the phrase “Peyote Milkshake” or clay pipe. It was hilarious.

Moses, Moses, Moses...

Never take drugs….after listening to that man and watching him walk around the lab for an hour I never will.

-Alan Salabert- Check him out:

Over the past couple of months I have been trying to find an outlet for this strange current of creative energy that I have been experiencing. I have all these wonderful ideas but I seem to have a bit of difficulty executing them. I’m not really “artistic”, meaning I don’t draw, paint, carve, sculpt or pretty much create anything in the traditional sense, but I have ideas! Working with the teens during various OYAA events I can use my ideas but I get stuck in the execution phase. Lucky the kids (or Kim) take the idea and go running with it, usually in an incredibly awesome direction and I love the outcome!

The result of this slightly frustrating issue is using this blog as my creative outlet, until I can find something else to so that is a little more tangible. Now I just need to keep posting!

That being said, I would like to make a strong effort to post something everyday, so to help me out I am trying this fantastic idea for Fridays! thelittlethingswedo.

I truly enjoy the blogging process and since I don’t feel the need to share my personal thoughts and feelings (at least not much beyond the surface), something fun like this will allow to keep it personal, but not too personal.


1.  If I could medal in an Olympic event it would be Equestrian events (indoor show jumping and hunter events specifically), I know it’s a summer event and we are in the middle of the winter Olympics, but I used to show jump in high school and I miss riding.

2.  If I was stranded on a deserted island I’d take long-range communication device to summon help, a multi-tool, & sunscreen with SPF 100.

3.  Touching my food with my hands and then eating it is my most irrational fear.

4.  I’d rather go out to dinner everyday, than cook my own food everyday.

5.  I am in need of a dinner adventure.

6.  I should really be editing the program coordinators manual.

7.  One of my favorite things in all the world is the smell of incense at church during lent.

Hmm all this talk about food! I think it’s time for lunch!

This week has been, well, a bit on the crazy side. But the first week of Great Lent usually is as we accustom our bodies to modified diets and our souls to week day church services. Personally, I am exhausted already. At each meal I scrounge for a protein source and try to come up with an alternative to pasta and pizza. It’s all worth it in the end.

The beginning of Great Lent isn’t the only insane aspect of this week. The application deadline for Kent State was Monday and now I hold my breath for a letter or an e-mail that will determine the fate of the next two years of my life.

In other news, the next three months bring some media releases that I am extremely excited about!


3/2/2010: Alice. The Sci Fi Channel released this great mini-series a couple of months ago. While I don’t particularly like Alice in Wonderland, I LOVED this show! I missed the beginning part and a couple scenes in the middle so I have been looking forward to seeing it in it’s entirety for a while. Besides, when the March Hare looks like this, what’s not to love!

Mad March

A River in the Sky

4/6/2010: A River in the Sky by Elizabeth Peters is the 19th book in the Amelia Peabody Mysteries series and it takes us back to 1910 on the eve of WWI in Palestine. Reading this book will be like getting together with old friends after a long time apart, you pick up where you left off and it makes you nostalgic for the old times! Her books bring back so many memories from the summer between my Junior and Senior years of college.

La La La La La...

5/11/2010 DARIA! The MTV cartoon series Daria comes out on DVD! The complete 5 seasons will be available in a lovely set! This has been a long anticipated release by, not only me, but the cult that is the Daria fan community. In preparation I watched a few episodes last night on You Tube with my cousin Mary. I forgot how much I loved the show!