The Ball Weekend

January 21, 2010

This past weekend was the ball weekend. A weekend jam packed with family, friends, drinking, dancing, and good times for everyone!

JJ and Ana were the first to arrive. Around 6pm on Friday they picked me up from work (that, of course, was an adventure in itself) on their way through Philly. Upon arriving at the house in NJ we had dinner, started the first mini-keg, and attempted to get them unpacked and settled. My parents arrived a few hours later and the rest of the evening consisted of eating, drinking, and quality Wii time. Saturday morning we all gathered downstairs for breakfast and coffee, after what was to be the only good night sleep I would have all weekend!

The house quickly became “grand central station” as people came and went through out the day! I cannot even recall all the comings and goings of everyone, but JJ, Mary, and my parents took a little excursion to Best Buy for JJ’s Christmas gift (which consisted of a pile of DVD’s) and some shopping. I also (finally) picked up some Imogen Heap! Heather introduced me to her over Halloween weekend and I couldn’t find her CD’s anywhere. But now I have two of her albums and I love them!

At some point, close to dinner time, Eric and Nick arrived with Baltika, Balalaikas, and Brownies (got to love Erics mom)! Uncle Matthew had the ribs on the grill for a few hours, the steaks were marinating, (almost) everyone was here, and the stage was set for an excellent Russian evening!

My Uncle Matthew served his amazing dinner of meat (ribs and steak), grilled veggies (potatoes, Vidalia onions, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms and broccoli) and fresh multi-grain bread (and the second mini-keg)! Surprisingly after 14 people at there was still leftovers!  Everything was delicious!

After dinner (and the balalaika show-and-tell) we all migrated outside to the fire pit with a roaring fire and some smores! 1 bottle of Russian Standard later and the balalaikas and guitar were out and there was singing and dancing in the yard! Only Russians party outside like its July in the middle of January, but truth be told it was about 35 F so it was pretty warm.

Sunday morning arrived far too early (as anything before noon tends to do) and we all managed to get up, get ready and get to church on time for 10am liturgy in Philly. I’m still not sure how we did that, there are 2 ½ bathrooms and 10 people trying to get ready…it was pretty impressive. Following Liturgy JJ, Ana, Nick, Eric, and I said our good byes to the family members who were heading up to NY and then headed over to NJ for brunch at Brio.

3:00pm! Check in at the Radisson Hotel in Trevose for the Ball! Once settled into our joining rooms JJ, Ana, Nick, Eric, (eventually Kim and Julianne) and I watched the Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side. All I have to say is wow and that I need to own this. We were soon joined by Josh and then all headed out to Applebee’s for dinner and general shenanigans.

7:30pm! BALL! Check out the Facebook videos!

That is all.


Found on found! For you amusement!

Christmas Balls!!!

Poo Hats?

Acid Family


BOX MAN!!!!!

Evil Bunny


Yes I am still around!

January 6, 2010

It has been a very long time since I last updated! So long that I believe the dinner below is almost a month ago! As was the mystery tube! Needless to say my holidays were very busy and a great time! I am still in the recovery phase…I managed to (only) gain 4 pounds from all the feasting over the course of three weeks, and I currently have worked off two of them. It’s so easy to pack them on, but oh so hard to get them off!

I have been finishing up my graduate school applications, Binghamton and Kent are almost finished, Buffalo, not so much. I’m just not that enthusiastic about Buffalo, so I don’t want to pay them yet. We shall see how everything goes, the last of my recommendations are coming in and I’m almost finished with my personal statement. Then I can get a good night sleep for a change!

2010 will bring a new year of adventures and mayhem and of course it started with a little New Years party at Kim’s! Up next are the Novogodny Ball, Restaurant Week, and a day in the lab on the 30th!

What is with the mystery tube?!?!


DINNER ADVENTURES! LA SCALA (7th and Chestnut St.)

Katies wine action shot!

Aaron ready for deliciousness!

Ricotta Rortelloni: Veal and prosciutto sauce, sweet peas, and ricotta salada

Baked Cannelloni: Spinach, chicken, mozzarella, tomato cream sauce

Veal Involtini: Veal rolled with prosciutto, spinach, and mozzarella.

Apple Cobbler

Tiramisu (another Katie action shot!)

Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake (and the "stop taking pictures I want to eat the cake" face)