Inspiration at the strangest times! Lunch time Tea Adventures!

December 2, 2009

So a few days ago I was taking a little mental break at work and started browsing the 1,000 journals website (see blogroll). You have to pick through some of the crap and skim over the rubbish some people write about themselves, but the rest of the journals and the concepts behind them intrigued me. All through high school and part of college I had journals I would carry around with me and make my friends (or pretty much anyone) write or contribute to. They turned into more like a collage book of pictures, comics, writing, inside jokes, drawings, and so many memories! I still have those books and even though they currently reside with my parents, I take them out and look through them from time to time. It accounts for a few warm fuzzy moments. Now back to the present!!!

As I looked through journal after journal, scan after scan, and continued to read about Someguys concept behind the project I feel the need to contribute again and make memories a tangible object I can look at over and over. Then, it hit me. Like a ton of bricks falling off a building! TAC! Or as we are called now OYAA! I’m brilliant! Or at least Someguy is and I can simply borrow that brilliance and make it into something I can use! I’ll be refining my bright idea over the next month or so and should have something to go by the Novogodney Ball! Stay Tuned!


Today, I decided that I needed to go on a tea adventure! During my journey I apparently had a mental lapse and forgot where my tea shop was! I was heading down 17th street and suddenly I was on Locust Street completely passing the block the tea shop was on! I turned back only to realize that I needed to be on 18th street, not 17th. At least I got in some extra exercise, which is always needed! In addition to 2 packets of silk tea filters I picked up these two tasty treats and a lovely cup of Black Assam with Cocoanut tea!


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