I made excellent picks for a change! Despite my epic fail from last week I managed to redeem myself this week with a 12-3 (before MNF). Not bad.


It is another miserable day here in Philadelphia, warm, humid, and trying to rain. I made the mistake of changing my coat over from a light fall trench coat to my short “Philly” winter coat. I was sweating excessively by the time I reached my office and the train and subway rides to work was quite horrible (Philly people cannot tolerate the cold so the transportation people have hot air blasting through the cars!). Now I have to journey back in the rainy miserable weather while I sweat even more in the heavy coat. Oh well, this is what I get for not checking the weather before I leave the house in the morning!


I finally am getting around to posting pictures about my amazing dinner last week at the new Max Brenner in Philadelphia (www.maxbrenner.com). Aaron, Katie and I met for dinner after work, which is something that took a small miracle to coordinate, and enjoyed a delicious dinner and even more delicious chocolate desserts! Max Brenner is known for his chocolate concoctions and extremely indulgent desserts! (Not to say dinner wasn’t fantastic, but you don’t go to Max Brenner for just sandwiches!) Lets just say the place lived up to the sugar high guarantee (I practically jogged back to my office to use the bathroom and I seemed to be instantly to my car after that little detour!).  

Grilled Asparagus Crepe, with creamed spinach, asiago and swiss cheeses

Hot Dark Chocolate with Marshmallows

Aarons amazing dessert! I believe this was the Hazelnut Cream Crepe: A thin french crepe stuffed with melted chocolate chunks and hazelnut cream. Served with Dulce de Leche ice cream, toffee bananas, vanilla sauce and candied hazelnut crunchy bits.

My amazing dessert! Munchies Waffles: Warm waffles topped with whipped cream, candied hazelnut crunchy bits and your choice of two scoops of ice cream (I went with dark chocolate of course!). Served with crunchy chocolate wafer balls and warm melted chocolate sauce.


All and all not a bad way to spend the evening! I would definitely go back, but more that likely just for dessert and drinks. Dinner was good, but the menu wasn’t quite what I expected, a lot of casual food and sandwiches.



Week 12

Thursday November 26, 2009:

Packers at Lions

Raiders at Cowboys

Giants at Broncos

Sunday November 29, 2009

Buccaneers at Falcons

Dolphins at Bills

Browns at Bengals

Panthers at Jets

Redskins at Eagles

Colts at Texans (I almost typed Oilers! Wow!)

Seahawks at Rams

Chiefs at Chargers

Jaguars at 49ers

Cardinals at Titans

Bears at Vikings

Steelers at Ravens

Monday November 30, 2009

Patriots at Saints


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I can safely say this is one of my least favorite holidays. Not to be little Miss Negativity but I hate the food, everyone seems to argue about the food (for no good reason mind you), and I am always asked when I am getting married. I do however; enjoy getting together with the whole family and a few days off from work. If I had my way (which will only happen if all of my relatives pass away unexpectedly) we would order out dinner from some amazing restaurant! But I wouldn’t order the “conventional” Thanksgiving dinner… no way (I hate turkey, cranberries, the mushrooms that are in that green bean dish and the gravy, pumpkin pie, most other pies for that matter). I would have a nice crispy duck, a colorful assortment of peppers and broccoli, grilled acorn squash, and some type of stuffing (just to be a little traditional).

After work tonight I am heading up to NY to visit my family. Thursday we will be going to my Grandparent’s house in Archbald, PA with most of my Mothers side of the family. It will be a good time of food, family and football!

That is all

November 20, 2009

So I finally bit the bullet and ordered my calendar refills for my Franklin Covey planner. It would have been cheaper to just go and buy a new one from Staples, but I have become rather attached to this planner. It was a huge “need” since I have been planning events through May and I didn’t have a place to write things down. Hopefully I will get my shipment soon! (4-7 business days!)

I changed my Thursday night football pick after hearing about Dolphins RB Brown being placed on IR this morning. Besides, it’s the Dolphins and the Panthers…not exactly two Super Bowl teams, I have no issues with this change. For the record, I would like to say I typically do not make changes after I have “submitted my picks” but I had a gut feeling about this, and I don’t like to go against the gut.


Week 11 Picks *(updated!)

Thursday November 19, 2009

Dolphins at Panthers


Sunday November 22, 2009

Browns at Lions

49ers at Packers

Steelers at Chiefs

Redskins at Cowboys

Falcons at Giants

Saints at Buccaneers

Bills at Jaguars

Colts at Ravens

Seahawks at Vikings

Cardinals at Rams

Chargers at Broncos

Bengals at Raiders

Jets at Patriots

Eagles at Bears


Monday November 23, 2009

Titans at Texans


So I was browsing MSN TV’s Tonight’s Picks for Sunday and it lists the Eagles game. So of course they criticize the Eagles ADHD performance over the past several weeks (namely the Raiders game and the Giants game) and then said “Tonight at Soldier Field, Philly’s secondary will get a workout against one of the best quarterbacks in the game when they go up against Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears.” I almost fell out of my chair! Jay Cutler one of the best in the game?!!?  The guy has thrown more interceptions (17) this year than touchdowns (14)!  ….Oh man….one of the best in the game…hilarious.

They were forced to watch the Browns v. Lions game...

Thursday November 19, 2009

Dolphins at Panthers

I remembered my Thursday night pick! This game looks pretty well balanced to me, even though the Accuscore game forecast favors Carolina by 13%. I don’t trust Delhomme as far as I can throw him regardless of the fact that he has not thrown an INT in 3 games. All things considered though it looks like a pretty close matchup and should be a good game to watch, or at least good enough to watch ½ seeing how I actually like sleeping.

I have been working on my Personal Statement for my grad applications for over a month now and to be quite honest I hate everything I have written. I sound like a moron and I don’t have anything fantastic materializing like it normally does when I have to write. I have done quite a bit of research on personal statements and I fully understand why they are so important, which may be contributing to my writers block. I have one paragraph written concerning the skills I have as a musician and how they give me the important ability to analyze things in excruciating detail without taking them out of the context of the larger work. That skill is valuable in both the musical and anthropological settings and not everyone has the ability and the ability to do it well. Any suggestions on the Personal Statement front would be greatly appreciated. I hate writing about myself.

Wednesday is killing me! The whole week is killing me! I need a break! Thanksgiving is next week and thank God for a few days off! I need some time not at work and some serious sleeping time.