Week 6 Picks

October 15, 2009

Week 5 in the NFL was completely insane! But that just goes to show you that you NEVER know what will happen in the NFL! Speaking of which, yesterday I spied outside my window (no, not more pigeons) but a blimp, and not just any blimp a DirectTV blimp advertising NFL Sunday Ticket. Now I appreciate advertising and the entire point behind it, but I don’t need ads flying by my window during work! I know, you are thinking I see ads everyday when I am on the internet or checking my e-mail etc. but I don’t need additional advertising shoved in my DirectTV-free face!
The DirectTV Blimp over Philadelphia

The DirectTV Blimp over Philadelphia

Now, NFL Sunday Ticket appeals to people who do not live in their favorite team’s local viewing area since they show all of the games on any given Sunday, but it is only offered by DirectTV. They monopolize out of market football games! An NFL channel exists but they don’t show the extra games and I can’t just buy a channel on my cable network to watch them either. I have to sign up for DirectTV THEN sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket (extra money) or deal with the fact I only get certain games.

An excellent example of this problem was just this past Sunday after the Eagles defeated the Buccaneers. We cut to the studio to watch 5 talking heads tell us how close the Cowboys-Chiefs game was and we were going to cut to that game shortly. BUT WAIT! The guy misspoke and we weren’t going to cut to the close game that went into over time because we were too far out of the area or some other bullshit reason! Instead, we had to listen to the 5 talking heads tell us all about how close and intense the game was and what was going on on the field. It was ridiculous! Then we were subjected to commercial after commercial of Peyton Manning telling us how we should get DirectTV so we don’t miss a play! Please…..*barf*

 Eagles Banner

Sunday October 18, 2009

Texans at Bengals

Lions at Packers

Ravens at Vikings

Giants at Saints

Panthers at Buccaneers

Chiefs at Redskins

Rams at Jaguars

Browns at Steelers

Cardinals at Seahawks

Eagles at Raiders

Bills at Jets

Titans at Patriots

Bears at Falcons


Monday October 19, 2009

Broncos at Chargers


Week 5: 7-7           Overall: 50-26


A few weeks ago my coworker (Jackie) started to clean out her desk, I don’t know why; I guess she was just in the mood. Granted I clean out drawers all the time so I understand the thrill of throwing things out and repurposing found objects. Well she found tons of Halloween decorations and this huge Happy Birthday banner (that was promptly used on our boss’s office door the following week). She decorated her cubicle with autumn leaves and gave each of us a paper poster. She took the witch (she is Wiccan), I took the black cat (of course I was thinking of Beckett) and the other two ladies too the skeleton and ghost. We hung them on the partitions outside of our work spaces and I have to say it is quite festive.

Today Jackie brought in a beautiful wreath her daughter made to hang on our front door. Unfortunately we can’t find the wreath hanger that she swore we had in our storage closet. So I said I would go and pick one up so we can hang up our new vibrant wreath! There is a little pumpkin tucked away in the foliage, a very nice touch.

Handmade just for the GME office!

Handmade just for the GME office!

During my search for the wreath hanger I found other holiday decoration in the storage closet and took the ones I liked. There they are on my window sills. I love pumpkins and they add a little something to the office. I also found some Christmas decorations in there and several santa hats. Over my dead body will I ever where a santa hat…

Pumpkins! Discovered in the Storage Closet...I wonder what else I can find in there...

Pumpkins! Discovered in the Storage Closet...I wonder what else I can find in there...

Back to football! McNabb and Westbrook are back, recovered, and starting Sundays game against the Buccaneers. After the amazing outing Kolb had over his past two starts I am sure teams out there (*cough* Browns *cough*) are interested in a trade. I rather hope he doesn’t go , but who knows how many good McNabb years we have left and it would be nice to know that we have Kolb stepping up after him. As far as Vick is concerned who knows what he will do, I still think he is trade bait for 2011.

 Eagles Banner

Week 5 Picks:

Sunday October 11, 2009

Browns at Bills

Steelers at Lions

Cowboys at Chiefs

Vikings at Rams

Raiders at Giants

Buccaneers at Eagles

Redskins at Panthers

Bengals at Ravens

Falcons at 49ers

Jaguars at Seahawks

Texans at Cardinals

Patriots at Broncos


Monday October 12, 2009

Jets at Dolphins


Week 4: 11-3                   Overall: 43-19

Everyday Adventures

October 6, 2009

It seems like everyday is an adventure anymore! And I am not trying to sound cliché.

Yesterday’s entertainment consisted of these guys hanging out right outside of my window.

They watched me work for hours...from 9:45-2:00!

They watched me work for hours...from 9:45-2:00!

Under normal circumstances it wouldn’t make much of a difference if a pigeon or two landed outside of my window, but the fact that the one on the right sat there for 4 hours! 4 hours!!! Why would a bird sit there in the middle of the afternoon for 4 hours! His little friend would stop by for a few minutes every once in awhile and then promptly fall off the sill, aka fly away (although it looked like falling to me).

He kept falling asleep, apparently he was bored with my work...

He kept falling asleep, apparently he was bored with my work...

Today’s adventure wasn’t as benign. I have been making an effort lately to be healthier in my life style by eating healthy and exercising more.  So everyday during my lunch “hour” I go for a nice 30 min walk around Philadelphia (I have already shared some pictures from my ventures around the city). Today I decided to go in a completely different direction then I normally do, so I headed down Race St. (check out Google maps if you really want to see where I went) and walked briskly from Broad St. to 17th, and cut through the park area in front of the Franklin Institute. I was heading back to Vine St. to go back to my building when I needed to cross a little street to get on the side of Vine I wanted.

A small truck let me cut in front of it and as I head up Vine the truck driver waves out of the window trying to get my attention. I’m thinking, “ok he needs directions, I know the city pretty well, but not the museum district.” The guy pulls his truck over, opens the door and hops down with a plant, I assume for a delivery. He was short, very tan, and wore glasses, and very politely handed the plant over to me!


Yes I walked for about 5 blocks carrying this plant.

Yes I walked for about 5 blocks carrying this plant.

 I stuttered something unintelligible and he says something along the lines of “I want you to have this because I think you are so beautiful!” I started laughing and somehow got out a very polite, but shocked, thank you. As I’m laughing and trying to back off slowly so I can get back to work, he stands there outside his truck (blocking traffic I might add) with his hands folded in front of him and asks me if I would like to go out sometime. At this point I must be bright red.

I continue to stutter (but less laughing) and say something along the lines of “I…uh….err….I’m… I don’t really think….” And he cuts in and says something like “Oh I’m guessing you have a husband? Boyfriend?” and I say “Yeah, I have a boyfriend…” This is the closest thing to a sentence I said to the guy so far and I am quite ready to go back to work. He says that “he must be a very lucky man.” And hops back into his truck and drives up Vine St. Needless to say I decided to cut down 16th and go back to work along Race instead of Vine!

So here I am, back in the office with my new plant and of course I need to explain why we have a new plant to all of my coworkers.

I have to admit its, a very nice plant...

I have to admit its, a very nice plant...

What an adventure!

Today I took a little walk down and around City Hall and caught these pictures. I have the utmost appreciation for all forms of art but these two just say “face of Boe” to me.

Giant Checkered Face

Giant Checkered Face

Giant Pink Face

Giant Pink Face

The Face of Boe (Dr. Who)

The Face of Boe (Dr. Who)

All the fountains are pink in Philadelphia for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

South West corner of City Hall

South West corner of City Hall

Waterfall by the subway entrance

Waterfall by the subway entrance

Love Park

Love Park


Week 4 already?! My how time flies! My Eagles aren’t playing this week; I think they needed this bye, especially Donovan. Week 3 wasn’t as bad as week 2 but hopefully my week 4 picks are a little more on the mark!

Sunday October 4, 2009


Lions at Bears

Bengals at Browns

Seahawks at Colts

Giants at Chiefs

Buccaneers at Redskins

Titans at Jaguars

Raiders at Texans

Ravens at Patriots

Jets at Saints

Bills at Dolphins

Rams at 49ers

Chargers at Steelers


Monday October 5, 2009

Packers at Vikings


Week 3: 11-5      Overall: 32-16