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June 25, 2009

Website of the day:

This is why I love www.cracked.com (this is #1 of the 10 coolest foreign words the english language needs) 

#1. Desenrascanco (Portuguese) 

Mac 1

Means: To pull a MacGyver.

This is the art of slapping together a solution to a problem at the last minute, with no advanced planning, and no resources. It’s the coat hanger you use to fish your car keys out of the toilet, the emergency mustache you hastily construct out of pubic hair.

What’s interesting about desenrascano (literally “to disentangle” yourself out of a bad situation), the Portuguese word for these last-minute solutions, is what is says about their culture.

Where most of us were taught the Boy Scout slogan “be prepared,” and are constantly hassled if we don’t plan every little thing ahead, the Portuguese value just the opposite. 

Coming up with frantic, last-minute improvisations that somehow work is considered one of the most valued skills there; they even teach it in universities, and in the armed forces. They believe this ability to slap together haphazard solutions has been key to their survival over the centuries.


Don’t laugh. At one time they managed to build an empire stretching from Brazil to the Philippines this way.


Amazing Tea!

June 22, 2009

Friday I headed on over to Steap, one of my favorite tea shops! Of course it was well worth the extra 4 blocks of walking and as usual a test for my need for tea… I selected three teas for camp; Moroccan Mint (a fantastic mint green tea), Lemongrass/Licorice/ Peppermint tea (herbal), and a Rooibos strawberry/lemongrass/basil tea (at least that is what I think it is there were so many things in it I’m having a hard time remembering!).  I also picked up an extra Rooibos for my co-workers who are having stress management issues, only later did I realize that I should probably pick up something for them to steap it in…so I’ll pick up little strainers tonight. Hopefully that will keep them sane until after July 1st, theoretically.


I’m currently working on a display for the afternoon tea portion of the snack time so that tea and accoutrements are easy to access and I don’t have to do much beyond pour for those so inclined to drink tea Russian style.


June 19, 2009

Last night turned into a night of TAC modifications. We finally settled on our week long 4th person for the teen program. Although I think it took me getting to the brink of hostility to accomplish this but at least we have a person now. We also decided to divide up the Culture Club so I am only working with 12/14 teens in the cooking class. Today I plan on finalizing my menu and starting to make lists of ingredients I’ll need for the week. I plan on experimenting with a cake over the weekend to see if we can make it. I believe the modifications to the Piroshki recipe are completed. They actually taste better a few days later after being microwaved…go figure! I’m planning on making a tea trip today to pick up are few more teas for afternoon tea. I’m going to shoot for a nice herbal and a green tea. If I am so inclined I may grab a rooibos tea but we will see what she has in stock.

St. Tikhon’s T-shirts…there has to be a better way to coordinate their delivery to St. Tikhons, and by delivery I mean I have to go meet the T-shirt guy somewhere and take them up there myself…which is crap. That is all I will say on that subject!!!


Interesting Stuff of the Day:

Lord of Light: I would just like to say that Lord Yama is by far my favorite character up to this point.


June 18, 2009

I missed the fruit guy!

I missed the fruit guy!

Over the weekend (and to some extent over the past three days) I have made several personal and professional investments. Life has been more of an adventure lately but I think the past week has been a unique trip of its own.

I intended on doing nothing (literally) all day this past Saturday, and behold, that didn’t happen… Kim called me on Friday night with an inspiration! She HAD to go to the aquarium! She had to go Saturday, it was a must, she needed artistic inspiration for our camp project. So I asked the ever important question, “how early?” and of course Kim being Kim said perkily “well, it opens at 9:30 I think so we should be there no later than 10.” This statement was followed by a long awkward pause on the phone as I calculated how many hours of sleep I would get if I went to be right at that moment (it was about 14 give or take). So I said in my I-want-to-say-something-about-how-that-is-a-bad-idea voice “ok…” Getting more excited Kim goes on to tell me that we would only be there for about 2 hours or so and we could go to Ikea after to pick up all of our camp things! So I said “ok…” I told her if she could get to my house between 9:30 and 10 I would do my best to be ready for her and we could go over to Camden. As disappoint as I was about my weekend of theoretical nothingness I was looking forward to a day of inevitable adventure!

Saturday morning….Kim arrives at my house at 8:30am just as I was getting out of bed…She was so excited that the happy perky Kim voice came through the phone as I asked her where she was telling me she was only 10 minutes away and she was looking for the turn off into our housing development. I think I laid in bed in shock for a few minutes before going downstairs to open the door as she pulled up to the house. I have no idea what I said but she kept going on about there being no traffic. What else do you expect at the crazy early Kim time! Regardless of the early morning we went to the aquarium, which was so much fun! It was a brilliant idea! I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

Monday-Wednesday was New House Staff intern orientation at work. This means three days of early to work and long days of sitting around and trying to answer new resident’s questions. I have no doubt these people are good doctors but they are not the most logical minded individuals I have ever encountered.

But now we are back in the office. And I for one am glad to be back, I missed the fruit cart guy!!!

Other investments: I picked up a Sony SR47 60GB hard drive camcorder! Hopefully this means some fun videos to soon appear on this blog!!!

Interesting Stuff of the Day:

 Lord of Light: I highly encourage everyone to read this book. I am still enjoying it immensely!

who let nick have a pen???

who let nick have a pen???

One of Philadelphia's Finest at the Fruit Cart.
One of Philadelphia’s Finest at the Fruit Cart.
DMB Big Whisky and the Groo Gruc King
DMB Big Whisky and the Groo Gruc King

Camp progress:

Camp shirts ordered- Check

Shopping lists made-Check

Cooking class menu-Check

New DMB for everyone’s enjoyment- Check Check!

Tea-Check and going to Steep tonight after work!!


New DMB studio album Big Whisky and the Groo Grux King, is fantastic. I’m finding a lot of the songs are reminiscent of “old Dave” and yet there are some tracts with a “new Dave” feel. Let me know what you think! I think after listening to it for just over a week I am really liking “Funny the Way it is”, “Why I Am”, and “Squirm”.  I’m really digging this album so far, and when I ordered it through the warehouse I got DMB Live Trax volume 15 Alpine Valley Music Theatre (East Troy, WI). It must have been a great show, it is an amazing blend of old and new songs including Satellite, Ants Marching, and Spoon, but they also included So Damn Lucky, Louisiana Bayou and they cover Money (which is so much fun to see live).

So I have come to the decision that we need a nice LARGE variety of tea for Afternoon Tea at camp. I’m going to stop at Steep tonight after work (see the exciting list of progress above) and pick up an herbal tea, a green tea, and maybe a white tea. I also need to pick up filters this weekend, a few little condiment bowls for display and all the accoutrements needed for the tea process. I would like this to be finished this weekend and then I will move 100% on to the cooking class preparations.

Speaking of cooking class, I am going to experiment with piroshki dough this weekend and maybe the “Tatiana” cake recipe that I found. I’ll take care of at least one of these this weekend and next weekend the other one. Then I can figure out what I need to order from Martin and what I need to buy myself.

Interesting Things of the Day:

What I am reading: Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny and I am LOVING this book right now. It is beautifully written and detailed (but not too detailed). I am not too far into it craziness at work and getting ready for camp is preventing me from sitting down and reading large portions of it at a time but hopefully next week I’ll be able to have more time.

Website of the Day: http://www.zacsunderland.com/blog/

This kid is attempting to become the younger person to sail solo around the world. He is almost home but if you look over his blog from the past year its amazing what the 17 year old kid has accomplished.