St. Tikhon’s Camp Projects of the Week!

May 28, 2009

This week has been catch up week for camp stuff! I am almost finished with the data entry on the campers. I will move on to the counselors this weekend, I hope. My other big goal for the week is to get a menu and shopping list put together for the TAC cooking class and shopping lists for the A-Tea(m). So far I have this menu, what do you think?


 Monday:  (with Fr. Dn. John and Mat. Joanna Bohush)


Pascha Bread

(Monday Afternoon class)


St. Basils Bread


Tuesday:  (with Alexandra Bilas)

Honey Cake

No Bake Cookies

Monkey Bread




Tea Cookies



“Tatiana’s” Cake

Chicken Paprikash

Finish Tea Cookies





I’ll have something else for Friday but I haven’t decided what yet, I may just wait to see if there are left over supplies and just make whatever we can from whatever is left. Who knows?


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