Everybody’s working for the weekend……

May 21, 2009

I hate to complain about the work week, it just seems so cliché. But here I am dragging myself through a Thursday planning what I am going to be doing after work to pack and get ready for a trip out of town instead of “work work”. Oh well. I am getting the same general vibe from everyone else in my office as well. I guess that is the result of nice weather and the forthcoming four day weekend.


Yesterday was very productive on the camp front. Nick, Kim and I had a conference call and discussed and hopefully resolved our staffing issues and the division of labor among the three of us. I am almost finished updating the camper database and I am hoping I can start working on the counselor information over the weekend. I also ordered an INSANE amount of tea for Afternoon Tea (which we are now calling the A-Team). I now need to buy filters, baggies (for tea they can take home) and all the other accoutrements that go with tea. So by Tuesday I would like the A-Team and the cooking class all set up and organized (theoretically). For the cooking class I recently decided that I want to have a nice set of utensils and supplies for us to use year after year instead of trying to use what is in the seminary dining hall and hoping for the best. That should drastically increase the quality of life situation in the cooking class.


Interesting Stuff of the Day

Web Link of the Day:


This whole concept in interesting. One mans trash is another treasure, of course is nothing new but to transform trash into an interesting object and watch it evolve from a gag gift to a coveted work of art. The comments introduce other information on unique and seemingly worthless items as art medium and their success in the market. The whole site is pretty cool but this one article caught my eye.


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