Twitter What?

May 13, 2009

I finally turned in my final Linguistic Anthropology paper yesterday!!! The taste of freedom and significantly less stress is thrilling and fantastic. The document turned out to be 20 pages total including a 12 page paper, 6 page transcription, 1 page diagram, and a cover page. It was a lot of paper, and I made five copies so I wasted 100 pieces of paper total! YES!!! I’ll keep a copy on file, my coworker wanted a copy, one copy to my professor, and a copy each for my two subjects. All and all a success, I’m pleased with the paper, even though it just scratched the surface of the conversation it’s still very informative and interesting.

So while I was contemplating what I should share with you all after a 5 day hiatus I came to the realization that we have not had a good protest in a while. My office is right on Broad Street in Center City Philadelphia, about 2 ½ blocks up from City Hall. I would say on average we would have a good protest every other week during the summer. As I was wondering when they would start up again I decided to just enjoy my coffee and read one of my favorite blogs. On this blog (Joe Mallozzi’s) I noticed that his dogs Twitter. I found this amusing and since his dogs are adorable (and I don’t even like dogs) I thought I would make an account and follow them and other interesting people et al. So I go to the Twitter site and I came to realize I don’t get the whole point of it! It’s like the Facebook status update without all the other Facebook features. I mean what EXACTLLY do you do with it? On this blog I can write actual paragraphs and tell you about things like protesters and school work but I don’t get the point of Twitter. Oh well I made the account anyway (I’m still working on a user name since apparently TatianaJB is taken, WTF?)



I am officially in camp mode. Which means that I have actually accomplished several camp related things in the past 24 hours!

  1. I e-mailed our t-shirt guy to start the ball rolling with the t-shirt order. I asked Kim if she was interested in a new logo or a slightly updated take on the logo but she hasn’t gotten back to me as of yet. I think it would be refreshing to have an update to it. It’s been the same for a while.
  2. I have updated the TAC schedule and I’m going to try and modify the afternoon completely. I still have to run the updates by Nick, Kim and JJ but I think they will approve. Let me just say it would be one less project we have to plan and attempt to execute.
  3. I started brainstorming the Church Dress Code letter that JJ suggested we include with the confirmation letters. I want to have a decent draft approved by everyone by Memorial Day. I think that is reasonable.
  4. I am going to start making shopping lists for Afternoon Tea and the Cooking Class. I have so ideas but I need to confirm them with JJ.  I think we should just stick to cookies…


Interesting Stuff of the Day:

Website of the Day: I doubt I’ll use this much but it’s there!